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Melissa Rogers

Associate Professor of Political Science

Co-Director, Inequality and Policy Research Center


I am an Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Inequality and Policy Research Center at Claremont Graduate University. My research focuses on how the spatial distribution of the economy impacts politics. I publish in the fields of political geography, comparative political economy, political institutions, Latin American politics, American politics, and political methodology. I earned my PhD and MA from the University of California, San Diego, and BA from Brown University.

Education & Experience


Ph.D. in Political Science
University of California, San Diego
MA in Political Science
University of California, San Diego
BA in Political Science and International Relations
Brown University

Academic Positions

Associate Professor
Claremont Graduate University
Associate Dean
School of Social Science, Policy, and Evaluation
Claremont Graduate University
Inequality and Policy Research Center
Division of Politics and Economics
Department of International Studies
Assistant Professor
Claremont Graduate University
Visiting Assistant Professor
Claremont Graduate University


Geography, Capacity, and Inequality II: Redistribution

Cambridge University Press, 2023. (w/ Pablo Beramendi).

Geography, Capacity and Inequality I: Spatial Inequality

Cambridge University Press, 2022. (w/ Pablo Beramendi).

Recent Journal Articles

Comparative Political Economy​

Political Methodology

American Politics


Leadership Positions

Chair, Department of International Studies (2019-2020)

Diversity Committee Chair, Political Methodology Society (2021-Present)

Chair, Faculty Research Committee, CGU (2020-Present)

Chair, APSA Political Economy Best Book Award (2022-Present)

Student Placement


Dissertation Chair

Alma Bezares

Assistant Professor, Whittier College (Economics)

Zeyad Elkelani

Assistant Professor, Cairo University

Giacomo DiPasquale

Assistant Professor, Wagner College

Amy Nantkes

Assistant Professor, Point Loma Nazarene

Lily Rowen

Assistant Professor, Laramie Co Community College

Noemi Alexander

Assistant Professor, Cal Baptist Univ

Rena Salayeva

Coordinator, Rose Institute, Claremont McKenna

Soha Hammam

Post Doc, Inequality and Policy Research Center

Tim Milosch

Biola University

Gary Hawk

Copper Mountain College

Committee Member


Dissertation Chair

Glenn-Iain Steinback

Department of Defense

Jake Campbell

Chief Data Officer, Santa Barbara Co

Roger Chin

State of Washington

Noemi Alexander

Riverside Unified School Board

Brian Jewett

Laguna Beach Water District

Christopher Freeland

City Manager, Indian Wells

Zaid Alkdidi

Government of Saudi Arabia

Committee Member

Ichsan Zulkarnaean

Government of Indonesia

Morgan Stockman


Miriam Sierra Aguilar

City of Seattle

Private and Non-Profit

Dissertation Chair

Carlos Evecharria-Estrada

National Opinion Research Center

Abdulaziz Albinali

Government of Bahrain

Byron Ramirez


Lara Steele


Lisa Jene

U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council

Committee Member

Maryah Garner

Coleridge Initiative

Yunie Lee

Coleridge Initiative

Kristoffer Wikstrom


Sara Kazemian


Jingjin An


Dong Wook Lee

Assistant Professor, Adelphi University

Kerstin Fisk

Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount

Benjamin Acosta

Assistant Professor, Louisiana State Univ

Rachelle Walker

Associate Professor, Vanguard University

Linda Alvarez

Associate Professor, CSU Northridge

Charupol Ruangsuwan

Assistant Professor, Thammasat University

Sumaia Alkohlani

Assistant Professor, UAE University

Chungeon Koo

Post Doc, Inequality Center South Korea

Minjae Yun

UCLA Law School

Rainita Narender

Pitzer College (Economics)

Joseph Dietrich

Cal Poly Pomona


Claremont Graduate University

Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality
Parties and Elections
Comparative Political Economy
Theories and Issues in Comparative Politics
Democracy and Development
Comparative Political Institutions
Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
Politics of Non-Democratic Countries
Foreign Policy of Latin America
Politics of Developing Countries
Political and Economic Developing in Latin America

Pitzer College

Democracy and Development
Wealth Poverty and Inequality

Scripps College

Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality

University of California, San Diego

The US Congress
Politics of the Southern Cone
Latin American Politics
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